Chapter 1: The Tall Lady

“I know it’s more dangerous going after dark, Anja.”

Anja closed the file and handed it back to Dante. “It doesn’t have to be full night. The tenants said she comes out promptly at seven-oh-five. Same time she died.”

Dante glanced over his shoulder at the horizon. “Sunset.”

“So just before nightfall,” Anja said with a positive smile.

“Thank you for doing this.” Dante tilted her head down and kissed her forehead. “Don’t die.”

Anja gave a confirming nod.

Dante punched the code into the lock box, pulled it off the door handle, and pushed the door into the vacant house. Anja pat his shoulder on her way inside. Dante pulled the door shut behind her.


The house felt empty. Which seemed odd. Vacant houses should have a blank canvas feel that inspires creativity and hope. But this house with its traumatic history and reports of paranormal attacks should feel oppressed by the presence of the tall lady.

Unless the residual timing blanketed the negativity of her spirit. Precisely five minutes past the hour, the energy of the tall lady’s death would open the threshold to Purgatory, allowing the evil spirit to wander the halls of her home once again. Then, her malicious intent to torment and kill children would afflict the property. Giving it the haunted house impression suiting its history.

Anja glanced at her watch. Two minutes past seven. Plenty of time for a tour.

“A single storey, three bedroom, one bath. Cozy place to live,” Dante had said.

Dark wood flooring met with clean white baseboards. Drab tan walls deserved a refreshing paint job. Maybe a pastel blue or cheery yellow. Something to officiate the house cleansing.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 1: The Tall Lady

  1. Wow! The detail, the action, the images that are left in my mind. “You fix errors in red”… those poor children. I was drawn in from the beginning and couldn’t look away!


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