Blade Trinity


Genre: Action
Released: 2004
Cast: Wesley Snipes, Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel
Director: David S. Goyer
Producer: Avi Arad
Writer: David S. Goyer, Marv Wolfman (character), Gene Colan (character)
Music: Ramin Djawadi, RZA

Blade teams up with the Nightstalkers to take down Dracula.

When I was about ten and I saw Blade: Trinity for the first time, I was blown away. I had not seen the first two Blade movies, and my judgment at the time was underdeveloped. I was a kid, I thought Blade was the coolest hero ever, and I loved this movie so much my mom bought me the soundtrack on CD and bought me a bow and arrow like Abigail Whistler. Turns out, now that I’ve seen this movie in my twenties, I wasn’t much of a critic back then.

This movie was the worst Blade in the franchise. Here’s why:

Abigail Whistler
Nothing against Jessica Biel. She is a lovely woman who fulfilled her role and looked gorgeous doing it. But I gotta stand up for my boy, Blade, and my problem is with the crew members behind Abigail Whistler’s failure.


This wasn’t her movie! I would say 98% of this movie was about her and how hot she was and how cool she looked. She didn’t undergo John Wick training for this, Abby didn’t put in as much time as Blade hunting vampires, she’s not even that tough. Majority of her scenes in the film, she’s emotionally overworked and it’s draining. I’m here to see some action! I’m here for the story. I’m here because of Blade, not this random girl you decided to put in a crop top.

Her existence made no sense, either. Whistler’s family died. They slipped in the detail that Abby was born later out of wedlock. Yeah, what an easy explanation huh? This is what I call “cinematically convenient”. It’s an excuse to slide her in. Whistler’s family died, and he was forced to watch and almost forced to decide what order they would die in. There was never a mention of Abby before this film.

This was HIS movie! We followed the franchise because of Blade, and this was his last one! His biggest enemy yet, the origin of his mere existence: Dracula. This should have been all about Blade. But instead, we get scenes of Abby’s personal, emotional struggle in a naked shower scene (come on, people, show more class than being persuaded by some nudity); and we get to enjoy her lovely breakdown when one of her friends dies. And then, oh yes, we get to experience her lovely recovery scene where she shoots at targets for like two minutes. It wasgreat action for the peak of Blade.

Her character was completely useless, too. She didn’t design the weapons. She didn’t create the biological weapon. She didn’t save Blade’s hide. If you plucked her right out of that movie, the movie would have not only functioned, but it would have improved.

The weird part is that the same guys who produced the first two films produced and directed this one, so…how could they do this to him? For the sake of credits and sex appeal? It’s corrupt.

Abraham Whistler Was Wronged
You’re telling me that the man who died, turned into a vampire, came back and fought through two movies deserved to die in an explosion in the first third of Blade’s climax?

What they did by killing him off early was replace the old with the new. They canceled the Whistler we loved and replaced him with an attractive woman. Whistler was an essential character. He had purpose, and we had grown to love him. I didn’t mourn his death, and it didn’t feel fair. I felt betrayed by it, really. I’m not saying he should have made it to see Blade fight Dracula. But at least give the guy two-thirds of the movie.

Hannibal King
I am not a fan of Ryan Reynolds, personally, but I loved Hannibal King’s character. He had the best story of all the Nightstalkers. He was once bitten and now fights them. He understands the thirst, but his love of humans surpassed his desire to be immortal. Sound like someone you know?


Hannibal King should have been the new secondary character. Ryan Reynolds improvised a lot of the humor we see in the film, and I loved the tension it brought between him and Blade. I think Whistler and Hannibal King would have gotten a kick out of each other. King was already a decent fighter, but by being at Blade’s side, King would have evolved into a better hunter. That’s the character development at the core of every superhero movie.


Hannibal King should have been given a more impressive tactical costume. He wore a bulletproof vest and some cargo pants, and compared to Blade, he looked like a rookie. Upgrade his costume, take out the immature humor, and Hannibal King was my favorite secondary character.

Dracula was disappointing. As a monster, I loved him! As Dominic Purcell, I was less fearful.


I thought the shape-shifting was awesome. When he shifted into Vance, King called it and then he leaned to the side and transformed into Dracula. That was awesome visual effects.
When it came to fighting, though, Dracula was clearly all talk. The first time Dracula came against Blade, he should have fought him. What did Dracula do? Ran in terror, kidnapped a baby to bring Blade to his knees and did a lot of talking to bring peace between him and Blade. That’s exactly what a coward would do. A king, as Dracula considered himself, would have tried to rip Blade’s head off and only then, when he failed, would have taken the other measures. But it’s like Dracula saw Blade, panicked, and ran in fear.

In the end fight scene when Dracula is in his human form, he’s screaming so damn much and freaking out in rage so uncontrollably that he seems the weakest of all the villains Blade faced. We got Frost as a blood god in the first film. Fought with the sword and strength. We got Nomak in the second film who kicked Blade’s ass all over the place. Then we get this over-stimulated Dracula and it just was pathetic.

When he transformed into the monster version of himself, though, I applauded that makeup. Glad they didn’t use CGI. They really went to the max with that, and I loved how demonic and gnarly he looked. How I wish we could have had a fight scene with him in that costume instead of just the ending when he stands over Blade and talks some shit. How cool would that fight have been? Monster versus hybrid.


I think Dominic Purcell’s voice was great for Dracula. I think he manipulated his expression and voice perfectly to suit a king in the talking scenes. But for the character himself, the acting was sort of embarrassing.

Unimpressive Fights
Dracula’s sword fight with Blade was the least impressive form of martial arts skills I’ve seen in the whole franchise. This is Count Dracula. The beginning of the vampire species. He fought with such madness that I pitied him.

I don’t know if that was just Dominic Purcell’s acting or what, but Dracula’s lack of self-control came off as weakness and in no way did I doubt that Blade was going to take him out. There should have been doubt. This is the biggest villain Blade has faced, and that fight scene deserved more tension, more action. But we got Dominic Purcell and that scene is what it is.

I remember Abigail’s opening fight, but I don’t approve of it. What purpose did her fight serve the overall picture of taking down Dracula? Remember in my first review when I said whenever Blade was somewhere, it was with purpose? The scene should have had some tie to Danica’s nest of vampires, as every other fight in Blade films have. When Blade and Nyssa fought, it was attached to the plotline. When Abigail fought the three vampires in the subway, it was for show.

I liked the comic book scene fight where we’re watching Blade, Abby and King fight different vampires all at the same time. I loved that filmmaking technique, but the setting of this movie seemed rundown and under budget. The costumes of our secondary characters also gave a weak presence on screen. The fight scenes weren’t as powerful as they could have been, hell as they SHOULD have been for this Blade movie. It all felt sloppy and lazy and poorly invested in.

Awkward Scenes
When Blade is out on the balcony taking his serum, the little girl, Zoe, comes out

Zoe: “Why do you do that?”

Blade: “Because there’s something bad in me. This keeps it from getting out.”

Zoe: “Why can’t you just be nice?”

Blade: an over dramatic zoom into Blade’s face “Because the world isn’t nice.”


What the hell was that? Of all the bad ass single liners Blade has had, this is what we get?

Here’s What Should Have Happened with this Film
Take out Abigail. Keep Whistler alive for two-thirds. Put Hannibal King right next to Blade because Hannibal King’s been on the inside with Danica and Asher and their circle of vampires resurrecting Dracula. King knows where their nest is, he knows how they operate. Delete Asher, he was pointless.

Abigail’s introduction should have been given to Hannibal King, and it shouldn’t have been interjected awkwardly into the movie where it was. She was given this fight scene to show two things: her skill and the new weapons we’re using. That action introduction should have been given to Hannibal King and it should have happened at the police bureau when King rescued Blade.

What Did Work
The involvement of the FBI and the manipulation of the Familiars within the system was realistic. After all the killing Blade has done, it’s understandable how the police would consider him a national threat. And I loved how they brought psychology into it to convince the public that Blade was mentally ill and self-convinced about the entire “vampire conspiracy”.

Fight Scenes
There are only two fight scenes I remember from this movie: Blade’s car chase, and Hannibal King versus Triple H.

Although I’m a Mustang gal, we finally got to see Blade’s Charger in action in this film. The opening scene followed Blade’s M.O. He killed a nest of vampires sort of the same way as Blade II, but the car chase distinguished in this film. I loved the flip off the bridge and the way the Charger comes roaring out of the back of that diesel.

Hannibal King versus Triple H (which isn’t his name in the movie, but come on, it’s Triple H) was an awesome take down. King was a strapping guy, Triple H is obviously a wrestler. Those moves were incorporated in this scene. This fight had that American muscle vibe to it which was unlike the martial art styles of the previous Blade films. The choreography of the fight entertained so well.

Best Lines
Vance: “I wanna hear you talk about vampires.” holds up his sleeve like Dracula’s cloak “Vampires. What can you tell me about them?”

Blade: “They exist.”

Dracula brought the franchise to a close: “Allow me a parting gift. Sooner or later, the thirst always wins.” (delivers with such artistry in Purcell’s voice)

Chief Martin: “There’s nothing stopping them now.”

Blade: “There’s me.”

Hannibal King: “The truth is: it started with Blade, and it ended with Blade.”

The third and final movie in the Blade franchise and it was hardly about him. This was his victory. All the vampires he’s spent his whole life slaying could be killed with one bioweapon and he got to fight THE Dracula. This was Blade’s win and we gave it away to a crybaby sidekick. Disappointed much? Yes. Wish I could have walked away from this one as satisfied as the first two.


The best part about movies is that, even when the journey ends, you can start the adventure all over again by hitting replay. This time around, though, I’ll just enjoy the end of Blade II and pretend the third doesn’t exist.

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