The Demon of Brownsville Road by: Bob Cranmer

Chapter 1
The book was filled from the start at chapter one with cliffhangers. Not at the end of the chapters, but throughout the entire chapter, and there were so many that I feel as though the majority of them killed me because he left them hanging too long. Cliffhangers are only successful in a story if you place them properly in succession with the dramatic outcome. If you just throw in a bunch of “and then this happened and we were in the turn of our lives” but never tell me where the turn ends up, I feel betrayed, lost a little.

Chapter 6
At this point, I’m beginning to believe this “demon” is a metaphor for the religious, parental and political challenges of his life. There have been paranormal experiences sprinkled here and there, but only in the first chapters and the cliffhangers from chapter one haven’t been answered yet, so I have entirely forgotten why I was initially frightened for him in the first place.

Chapter 7
The transition into the paranormal events wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped. It was like the previous chapter was all about his changing in his faith in God, in his beliefs and then BAM he’s in a haunted house now. It wasn’t as though all this activity had been happening all along because he separated the book into what happened in his social and religious life and then what happened in his personal life instead of what was happening all at once over the course of the years he was in that house being haunted by this demonic entity.

Chapter 19
By now, after being educated by his experiences with this demon and what the church had told him about it, I’m feeling encouraged that I am strong enough to fight evil and protect my home and family, so long as I’m merely a vessel for God’s power. So that God fights through me. Clearly from Bob’s experience, it may be a long process and it may seem repetitive at times, but it’s worth it if it means your home will be your home and never the devil’s again.

There were moments throughout the story that were exceptionally beautiful in terms of figurative language. Pulled me right out of the nonfiction that I had rode out from chapter one to chapter seven and right into this totally different mood of a story of a man who’s fighting to save his life, his family and his house.

Example: “In hindsight their two visits were somewhat messy affairs, like lancing the outer surface of an infected wound, especially in opening up the area under the staircase. Hopefully we could now treat the infection with our holy antibiotics.” (page 228)

Example: “This once roaring fire had been smothered. Its evil and rage had been overcome with the power of our love, and the power of God’s love for us.” (page 262)

The Cranmer house is said to open as a bed and breakfast.

Overview: The Demon of Brownsville Road (Bob Cranmer) was a spectacular nonfictional adventure into the depths of evil and how faith and strength overcame it. When I say “depth” I honestly mean this because the origin of this demon’s purpose at the house on Brownsville Road was not linked directly to Bob Cranmer or his family, but to the sins of those who lived years and years before Bob was even conceived. This kind of attachment of an unspeakably evil force unbeknownst to the average person is the sole reason that the battle between God through Bob Cranmer versus the demon was the most raw, triumphant war man could possibly endure.

Movies and television shows persuade us to believe that demonic activity only persists for a short time, escalates at an abnormal rate before there is a climatic battle of life and death, and then all is well and it never happens again. In reality, Bob Cranmer and his family proved that demons are persistent predators and will sap up every second of a person’s life until the end.

Individuals who are suffering a demonic infestation or individuals who are present or fixing to become present in the paranormal need to read this book. It provides a sufferer’s insight on how strenuous a demon can be on someone as well as how unfailingly strong your faith must be in God for you to overcome the demonic.

This story is an epic journey through the primitive warfare of good versus evil. An American man being tried again and again by this demon as the city around him begins to unfold with vigilantes and before long, the depth of this demon’s power begins to manifest at home for Bob Cranmer. To know that this demon was capable of affecting Bob’s life far before he was even in that house is astounding. When Bob moves in, battles this demon and overcomes it with many trials, errors and deaths along the way, it comes to show that with God working through those who believe, and through persistence in your faith, all is possible.

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