C15: Axeman, Uncle, and Papa Shotgun

“What are we doing here?”


Keitaro skipped up the front porch stairs.

“Practicing what?”

“Before we go.” Keitaro pulled his hand away from the doorbell he almost pushed. “You should know how haunted this place is.”

“Why you telling me? You’re the one going in handicapped and unarmed.”

“I am armed. You’re my weapon.”

“Okay. So then how haunted is this place?”

“You can handle more than one opponent at a time. right?”

Victor turned and rested his shoulder against the doorframe. “Look, I know why that fight in the alley might make you think I need practice—”

“Fighting as a ghost is different.” Keitaro hesitated on the doorbell again. “It’s better.”


“Not by a longshot. But it has perks. Self-healing, manifestation, teleportation.”

Keitaro pushed the doorbell. It chimed inside and Keitaro pressed his ear against the door to listen. Victor peeked around Keitaro’s back at the empty driveway, no garage.

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