Love Cures

Without love, we only know survival.
Raw instinct and basic principles to prevent death.
Not love. Not freedom. But fear.
See, without love, sacrifice and forgiveness are unfamiliar,
we misunderstand emotion, and misconstrue language.
We tear each other apart to gain superiority and success,
to achieve power,
but love would never do this.
Love does not destroy.
Love creates.
Love fulfills.
The blame for this numbness, this lack of love is upon us alone.
Not on your parents
who did not teach you or who abandoned you;
not on those who have wronged you,
or the experiences that have tainted you, changed you.
Change back.
Open your heart.
The world needs it.
In times when sin is expected,
and devastation is normal,
we need love’s cure to heal.
We need love to live.
Science will tell you so,
your heart’s been telling you for quite some time.
Love is life.
Give faith a chance to prove your doubt wrong,
let this world show you what love can do.
Hate and greed are but the devil’s seed,
they grow in the dark where it’s cold and lonesome.
Draw the curtains,
let in the light
open up to others,
and watch yourself flourish in peace and harmony.
Love for the sake of love, not benefit.
For the principle that we are all but One.

Divided as a rainbow is by color,
as oceans are by land,
divided only by physical foundation and visual recognition,
but love unites.

Love doesn’t exist, you say?
It’s hurt you too many times?
My dear, that’s not love.
It’s a ruse to weaken your will.
Love doesn’t hurt,
love mends.
In a hug,
perhaps a smile,
a handshake,
even a compliment.
It’s in the act of generosity,
the sight of joy,
it’s instilled in our favorite memories.
Love is at the base of all we know,
all we have,
all of who we are, or could be.
Love is why we’re here.
Without it, we’re machines who know not the difference between pain and anger, or suffering and laziness.

Without love, there are no heroes.
And who of us desires to be a villain?
To corrupt and dominate?
Oh yes, those who die with dollar signs etched on their tombstones;
those whose skeletons clutch gold,
beasts who prey on the vulnerable and snakes whose deceit destroys.
Villains live not for love, but for loss.
Love is gain.

The Giving Tree by Jerry Kirk

When your love is rooted in your heart, you grow,
and everything around you fills with light, as if possessed by angelic grace.
nothing physical or tangible to possess will endure a storm;
nothing proven by sight to exist will exist beyond death.
Love does.
Love endures all.
It can’t be shaken.
No earthly experience,
no Man can shatter that.
Love must be awakened,
but first welcomed, and then love is everlasting.
A love for everything must be invited into your heart.
A love for the beauty of our Home,
for the people we share it with,
the righteous acts they do,
and the miracles they are.
They need your heart.
Open up.
Don’t forget love,
otherwise you’re just surviving and you’ll never truly live.
Live for love and you’ll never experience death.

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