Thank You!

Following, commenting, liking, and reading! Thanks!

When I was four years old, I would carry a composition notebook and pencil around and write stories. I would skip out on family events, which always upset my siblings. On weekends
and after school, you knew where to find me. And on holidays I would always be nestled in my favorite spot pencil at work, imagination at play.

As I grew up, my imagination expanded with life experience, and when I turned thirteen, my mom invested in my writing by gifting me my first laptop.

All my life, I’ve been a writer. And because I grew up in haunted houses, I wrote about what I knew best: ghosts, demons, angels and God.

Publishing my ideas and sharing my characters with others has always been the goal. For others to talk to me about my characters as though my fictional friends are real, for the
events that take place in my book to be heartbreaking and kick ass, for my ideas to resonate with Christians everywhere. That is what I’m writing for.

Very clearly I know I don’t want to be famous. If I can’t personally connect with each of my fans, then what’s the point?
I also never want to write for money or make writing books my sole career. It’s a priority in my life, but when it becomes my job, I’ll loathe it and write out of obligation, not inspiration. I
write because I enjoy it and because God gifted me the talent so I would spread His Word.

Launching this blog is a platform for horror fiction fans, ghost story fans, Christian fans, demon versus angel fans, purgatory-believing, realm-crossing, adventure-seeking, ass-kicking
fans to find me. To test my skill, critique my form, learn my voice, and ultimately like or dislike my writing.

But how will I know if you enjoyed my writing if you don’t voice your opinion?

Now, I know you’re shy. Leaving the first comment is a risk. Maybe you feel you’ll be criticized for your opinion or you don’t know how to word what you’re thinking. But to me, when I see someone comment even a word or a sentence, it makes me giddy like a child.

It also leaves a reader trail for others to follow. Feedback is vital in this industry and without you, I’m not learning how to improve, or that what I’m doing is great. So please, always leave your thoughts in my comment section! It helps me, it helps coach others to do the same, and any feedback is better than silence.

If you read my post, thank you.

If you clicked on my website, thank you.

If you read all the way to this line, thank you.

You took the time out of your life to read something I’ve produced that gives you nothing in return except, hopefully, enjoyment. Your time is more valuable to me than money. Reading my chapters on my website and providing feedback is what this blog is all about. So don’t be shy! Imagine how brave I had to be to post something I’ve written on the internet for everyone to see. If I can do that, you can too!

To all my followers, thank you!

To all my readers, thank you!

To me, this blog is a portion of my dream come true. Imagine, I’m standing in my living room with a box in hand that I’ve been waiting to open all my life. I’m all alone, staring down at
this small cardboard box, excitement twinkling in my eyes. And then you join me. And another follower joins me. And soon, I’m surrounded by people patting me on the back, smiling, nodding
encouragingly, coaxing me, “Go on, Danny. You’ve waited twenty-six years for this.”.

So I smile and rip the packaging tape open. Rainbow-colored tissue paper bursts out and from underneath it, I lift out my first novel in print. And when I hold my creation for the first time, all of you are there alongside me. Smiling like old friends from grade school. That’s what this blog is to me, and that’s what you mean me. Every time you read one of my posts, I genuinely appreciate the support. And your comments? They’re those smiles or pats on the back. They’re encouragement to keep on writing, or criticism to do better, and all of them are equally as meaningful to me.

So thank you for embarking on this voyage to discovery with me.

Thank you for being here.

I hope you’ll stick around. I’ve got a lot more up my sleeve.

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