Power Over the Enemy by: John Osteen

The most powerful book I have ever read. While this is a Christian book, you don’t have to be Christian denomination to understand the context of the book as Osteen explains the main villain in all of our lives: the Devil.

In the Bible, the Devil is stated as a real villain, not an ideal we blame our problems on. He is a real entity that we face in our daily struggles. A loathsome lion prowling for the weak and vulnerable, for those who are alone and unprotected. And Osteen arms readers with the tools presented in the Bible for all of God’s children to use in combat with the Evil One.

Not only did this book change my perspective, but I walked away a stronger woman from it. Prior to this book, I was fearful of the Devil. Film and media convince us that he is an enemy we should fear for his power and mercilessness, but Osteen presented us with Bible verses that contradict Satan’s falsified claim of power. In this book, the Devil went from King of Hellions to a coward who runs from Jesus’ Name.

I was also made more aware of the ways Satan works to manipulate us and lead us astray from God. The Bible states that the Devil tempts us away from God, but Osteen presented examples of how the Devil does that in today’s world.

This book was so empowering that I have two sets of notes I took from it. I keep one set at my desk and am constantly referring back to it. The other set is my backup because I never want to lose the knowledge I learned from this book. This is a book I pass to everyone, am eager to share with people of non-denominational religions, and even to those who aren’t sure about God.

Power Over the Enemy gives us control of our fear over the darkness, over the silence, over the demons that come creeping into our lives. We are given power through Jesus’ Name and are able to conquer our terrors and stand fearless waving our flag of the Cross.

“God honors faith; our enemy attacks with fear. The battleground is the mind, and you must fortify your thoughts with the Word of God.” (page 9, Foreward by Joel Osteen)

“I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you” (Luke 10:19)

“When you’re in that attitude of faith, you are opening the door for God to work in your situation. You may not see anything happening with your natural eyes, but don’t let that discourage you. In the unseen realm, in the spiritual world, God is at work. He is changing things in your favor. And if you’ll do your part and keep believing, in due season, at the right time, God will bring you out with the victory.” (page 99)

“You create the atmosphere in which you live by the thoughts you entertain for constant meditation” (page 135)

“The devil must laugh at the thousands of Christians—the mighty sons and daughters of God—who are intimidated by demon forces. They have the power to cast out demons, and yet they roll over and surrender…” (page 146)

2 thoughts on “Power Over the Enemy by: John Osteen

  1. That is so awesome. I love how you changed it up and reviewed something different. Just by what you said about the book and the quotes of it really make you want to renew your faith. It is a hardcore but beautiful reminder that as long as we continue in faith we will prosper. I want to read this book for sure.

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