Fearless by: Francine Pascal

A 36-book series revolving around a girl born without the “fear” gene. Completely fearless and badass, Gaia Moore spends her free time searching for trouble, acting as a shadow heroine in New York City, awkwardly flirting with the boy of her dreams, Sam, and just trying to fit in.

Struggling to appear a normal seventeen-year-old girl proves hard when your father is an antiterrorist and when all his enemies are after you. After Gaia’s mother was murdered, Tom Moore went into hiding, leaving his daughter under the protection of his CIA friend, George, and his wife, Ella. But Gaia Moore is no regular teen girl who screams and runs from danger. Rather, she seeks it, meets its eye and takes it down. Gaia Moore is a lethal force and can handle herself.

“Jeez, what a girl had to do to get mugged in this city” (page 42)

“Yo, Rapunzel. Forget the ladder. There’s a faster way down.”

Sentences like these are the reason Gaia Moore is one of my favorite characters of all time. That, and the fact that she wears fingernail polish that’s “cockroach” colored, the fact that she’s a badass without being cocky. I love her crude humor, her fearlessness. It’s so original and her character never flawed in any part in the story.

Although the book is labeled as a “teen read”, the language isn’t in an immature tone that forces adults to become youth again. Instead, it’s written in a more mature voice that completely suits the serious and savage personality of its main character. Borderline young adult fiction.

Living vicariously through Gaia Moore is what books are all about. Jumping into the life of that character, becoming someone else for a change. Never before have I wanted to be a fictional character until Gaia. Her lack of gene is basically a natural superpower, and being trained in every form of combat makes her a weapon. Who wouldn’t wanna be such a kickass heroine?

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