Zoë Martinique Investigations By: Phaedra Weldon

Zoë Martinique is a private investigator with a secret weapon: her ability to go Wraith. As a wraith, Zoë is capable of leaving her body and spying on the living from the spirit world where most cannot see her. During one investigation, Zoë happened upon the Archer, a villainous spirit who targeted her and changed her fate forever. With a band of supernatural heroes, Zoë is out to stop the Archer and anything that stands in her way.

The series is made up of main books and several sub-stories. You don’t have to read the sub-stories to be entertained; but to fully understand the story, the sub-stories are a must. The order of the series is listed below:

  • 0.5 Web Ginn House
  • 1 Wraith
  • 1.3 Out of the Dark
  • 1.6 Holly and Ivy
  • 2 Spectre
  • 3 Phantasm
  • 4 Revenant
  • 4.5 Beyond the Door
  • 5 Geist
  • 5.3 Walking Shadows
  • 5.6 Soul Cage
  • 6 Dominion
  • 6.3 Dark Time
  • 6.6 Dark Possession
  • 7 Seraphim

Continue to pages 2-4 for reviews of Wraith, Spectre and Phantasm.

2 thoughts on “Zoë Martinique Investigations By: Phaedra Weldon

  1. I kind of have mixed feelings about this book series. Not for sure if I want to read it. I probably will at least once because I feel it deserves that but idk about buying the series and it will not be next on my list.

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    1. Thank you for reading my review! I believe this type of book is directed to a more specific audience, preferably individuals who are interested in the paranormal. But I don’t want to discourage readers because one never knows if paranormal fiction is for them until they try it out. Paranormal fiction is such a broad topic that includes lore, various types of ghosts, demons, and legends. And it’s often presented in a fantasy format like Weldon’s. I don’t like fantasy but this was worth reading, and I wouldn’t have known without trying it.

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