Zoë Martinique Investigations By: Phaedra Weldon

This book I finished in two days. It was that engaging. The characters took a climatic, evolutionary step in defeating the villains and it was totally badass. Well worth the read. And in the end, not everything got stitched together for a happy ending. Or a complete finish. Seeing as though the power of the Wraith should live on, so should her work. I would have been satisfied if this were the last book. With Dags power being a little too science fiction for me, this book had really given me my fill. But to be honest, I enjoyed the action-packed read. It was far less detective work and more just tying up loose ends. In this series, the plots always get super
entwined in the middle of the book, and I lose almost complete understanding of what happened, and sometimes it seems fudged, but I trust Weldon and that all her dots are connected. Thing is, as a reader, I don’t care if they connect or not. It’s so obvious when everything happens why it’s happening and what it will cause later, it’s almost annoying that Zoë doesn’t see it during the story. But I loved the realistic elements of the story and the character’s relationships. It wasn’t an obvious choice for Zoë, and it wasn’t the best one she made either. But it happened. And I love that reality.

Overall, this was my favorite book in the series so far. I could have lived with Dags power, but it was pretty badass to say the least. It was awesome to have someone more powerful on their side, someone who had guardian angels watching over him and healing him. Must have been nice. But ultimately, I am more than satisfied with this novel.

2 thoughts on “Zoë Martinique Investigations By: Phaedra Weldon

  1. I kind of have mixed feelings about this book series. Not for sure if I want to read it. I probably will at least once because I feel it deserves that but idk about buying the series and it will not be next on my list.

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    1. Thank you for reading my review! I believe this type of book is directed to a more specific audience, preferably individuals who are interested in the paranormal. But I don’t want to discourage readers because one never knows if paranormal fiction is for them until they try it out. Paranormal fiction is such a broad topic that includes lore, various types of ghosts, demons, and legends. And it’s often presented in a fantasy format like Weldon’s. I don’t like fantasy but this was worth reading, and I wouldn’t have known without trying it.

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